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ApotheCARE Essentials™ - Natural Ingredients
ApotheCARE Essentials™ - Natural Ingredients
ApotheCARE Essentials™ - Natural Ingredients



Our scientists follow a three-step approach that is essential in crafting every product we make. Whether it’s targeted face care, luxurious body care or sensorial hair care, our beauty products are expertly prepared for exceptional results.


  • STEP 1 <span>precise selection</span>
    ApotheCARE Essentials™ - Persian Silk Tree Bark with Glass Dome

    precise selection

    Our ingredients are precisely selected from nature, and renowned for their specific benefits for hairOpen in new window , face and body.

    Our curated plant extracts come from revered sources around the world, covering five continents and rich soils, ensuring they reach their fullest potential. 

  • STEP 2 <span>phyto-extraction technique</span>
    ApotheCARE Essentials™ - Persian Silk Tree Bark with Pipette

    phyto-extraction technique

    Concentrated energy waves burst plant cells to capture the core essence of each botanical plant extract, creating our exclusive phyto-blend. Combined into our powerful formulas, this phyto-blend is essential to our unique product composition.

    Through our phyto-extraction technique, more phyto-nutrients are released, ensuring purity in the quality of each plant essence. 

  • STEP 3 <span>unique slow infusion process</span>
    ApotheCARE Essentials™ - Creamy Texture

    unique slow infusion process

    Every ingredient is added slowly and meticulously, every second of mixing is timed, and every degree of temperature is controlled. This process maximizes the quality and performance of our products.

    When combined with cutting-edge, time-and-temperature-control methods, the potential of each ingredient is maximised for high-performance formulas.


Each ingredient has its own renowned benefit. We have extracted the natural essences from these 6 ingredients to formulate our exclusive phyto-blend.

Ginkgo Biloba, Burdock Root, White Willow Bark, Sage, Sea Buckthorn, Rosemary
Ginkgo Biloba, Burdock Root, White Willow Bark, Sage, Sea Buckthorn, Rosemary

white willow bark

Sourced from France, it's known as the “Tree of Life” in almost all cultures, and for its soothing and recovery properties.

ginkgo biloba leaf

Known for its regenerative properties, it grows dioeciously (can be female or male), and is therefore recalled as “Yin & Yang” in China where it is sourced.

burdock root

Sourced from France, it has been used for centuries by Western herbalists in Chinese and Ayurveda medicine, and it is renowned for its balancing and purifying properties.

sage leaf

Sourced from France, Bulgaria, Morocco, Albania, Italy, Turkey, or Spain, it was considered sacred in both ancient Greece and Rome, and is known for its fortifying properties.

seabuckthorn fruit

Sourced from Romania and Hungary, it's used to help treat skin conditions and digestive, circulatory, and respiratory problems. It's also known to revitalize and promote resilience.

rosemary leaf

Sourced from France, Spain, and Tunisia, it's a perennially green and highly-perfumed shrub from the Mediterranean. It's been grown in gardens for use as a natural remedy, renowned for its protective properties.