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ApotheCARE Essentials™ - Natural Ingredients with Petri Dish
ApotheCARE Essentials™ - Natural Ingredients with Petri Dish
ApotheCARE Essentials™ - Natural Ingredients with Petri Dish


Pure. Precise. Proven.

Discover the purity of nature for targeted skin care solutions. Our precise selection of nature’s finest ingredients is the start of your exceptional experience. Renowned for their incredible hair and skin benefits, our ingredients are meticulously blended into skin care products that unlock and enhance your beauty potential.

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  • Persian silk tree bark
    persian silk tree bark

    Native to Asia, from Japan to Iran. Used as a remedy to energize skin, to visibly reduce the signs of skin fatigue.

  • blackberry leaf
    blackberry leaf

    Known to stimulate skin's moisture barrier renewal and helps reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

  • Japanese blood grass root
    japanese blood grass root

    Known as a survivor plant. Found in sandy and salty zones where few plants can thrive. Renowned for its ability to trap and store water.

  • Lavender Stalks

    The gentle reviver. Revives hair and skin through innate calming and soothing properties.

  • Rosehip Berries
    rosehip oil

    Rosehip Oil is known to be a natural elixir for fine or thinning hair. It is used to promote growth, health, and vitality with its hydrating and moisturizing properties.

  • ApotheCARE Essentials™ - Natural Ingredients - Shea Butter
    shea butter

    Shea Butter doesn’t just have a rich texture; it is known to be incredibly nourishing and moisturizing for skin, while reducing inflammation.

  • Coconut Pieces
    coconut milk

    Coconut milk is known to nourish your hair, from roots to ends. It also helps maintain elasticity and flexibility of skin, prevent wrinkles, and stop age spots.

  • Argan Nuts
    argan oil

    Argan Oil is often used to reduce damage from free radicals and physical stress.